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Mapa Europy z zaznaczonymi państwami

The Netherlands is a relatively small country located in the northwest of Europe, but don’t be fooled by its small size, because it is also a country of great prospects!


If you are looking for an open country located in the centre of Europe, with a great education system and fantastic career prospects, then Germany is the perfect option for you.


If you want to study in a country with beautiful and diverse landscapes, friendly people, a lot of history and a lot of academic tradition, Poland will be the perfect address. There are more than 1.1 million students studying in Poland and almost 400 universities.


The country offers more than 100 undergraduate courses taught entirely in English. Tuition fees at Belgian universities are relatively low - max. 1080€ a year.


If you dream of studying in Italy, be sure to read to the end! You will learn why it is worth studying in this country and what the universities there look like.


A small island of unlimited possibilities. That's what Malta is like. A small country located in southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea will delight you with its charm, culture, education and… safety.


It is a country that always ranks on the podium of the rankings of the happiest countries in the world, thanks to a thriving economy, openness to the world and an amazing combination of tradition and modernity.


Sweden offers not only a high standard of living, great career prospects, but also an education of the highest standard. More than 1000 courses taught entirely in English are waiting for you! Sweden is also popular thanks to financial support for people from the EU. Find out more about the opportunities this country has to offer.


Ireland is home to many great figures from the worlds of art, literature and science. It invites you not only with beautiful nature, but also with a range of interesting and future-oriented fields of study, which you will get into without knowledge of languages other than English.


A country of beautiful nature, northern lights and a high standard of living. The offer of courses taught in English in Norway includes several hundred courses taught in English - most of them at Master's level.


This beautiful country is full of greenery, lush forests, high mountains and vast lakes. The University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow or University of St Andrews are universities recognizable all over the world. The academic offer of Scotland is wide - you will certainly find your desired course there.


For centuries, France has maintained the status of a European and global center of philosophy, art, culture and science, and is currently also one of the world's most important business, technological and tourist locations.


Cyprus is in third place in Europe in terms of allocating GDP funds to science, as it is as much as 7%.


Leading universities in the world, we love the British education system and great career prospects. Oxford and Cambridge are the absolute world leaders - but this list does not end in the top 100 best universities in the world there are as many as 15 universities from England!


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